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How to Find the Right Safety Net for Your Trampoline

With a trampoline net, you make you and your kids’ sky-high bounces that much safer. Whether you’re adding a net to your trampoline or replacing its existing one, SkyBoundUSA's enclosed trampolines safety net guide will help you find the right net for your trampoline.

Trampoline Safety Nets Keep Bouncers Safe

Like any parent, we're passionate about safety at SkyBound USA and believe you can have the best of both worlds — safety and fun. Our trampolines are built for sky-high bounces, which is why we offer safety nets for all our trampolines, (excluding the Mini 4, which is for the tiniest of tikes and provides a cushioned handlebar and pad cover for safety). 

No matter the activity, from trampolines to bicycles, there are always some risks. Simply jumping on a trampoline with siblings or friends causes 75 percent of trampoline mishaps. That's why trampoline safety nets are not only important but essential.

4 Things to Look for in a Trampoline Safety Net

Whether you're searching for your first trampoline safety net or need to replace your existing one, consider these important features:

1. Weight - A safety net with a heavier weight translates to longevity and safety. Our HD nets, for instance, are 50 percent heavier than other nets available, which adds to your peace of mind while watching your kids, or even while you're indulging in a jump yourself.

2. Door - A vulnerable area for a lot of safety nets is their door. You want a safety net that offers a secure trampoline enclosure. All SkyBound USA nets, for example, feature a heavy-duty zipper door that gives you confidence when your child and their friends head out to the backyard.

3. UV Protection - The greatest enemy of your safety net? The sun. That's why you want a replacement trampoline safety net that offers UV protection. By incorporating protective UV features into our nets, we've extended their lifecycles — as well as the fun of families worldwide.

4. Weave - If you're looking for a replacement net because tears developed in your old one, you're not alone. It's a common fault in safety nets, which is why you want one with heavy-duty weaving. It'll decrease that tear chance, plus provide an extra boost in protection and durability.

How Much Do Trampoline Safety Nets Cost?

The good news is that trampoline safety nets are affordable. The exact cost will depend on the size and shape of your trampoline, but you can expect a price between $45 and $65 for trampolines ranging from 12 feet to 15 feet. To extend the life of your trampoline's safety net replacement and maximize your investment, we recommend storing it indoors during the winter or harsh weather.

When Is it Time to Replace Your Trampoline's Safety Net?

You know it's time to replace a trampoline's safety net when it's tattered and torn. Before that stage, though, what are the signs you need a new trampoline safety net? It's all about the little things. To spot them, you're going to want to hop aboard your trampoline. 

Start by examining your safety net's entrance or door. Is it secure? Are there minor tears starting? Then, move onto your net. Look for tiny breaks in the fabric and check your buckle straps. Are they becoming flimsy? Do you notice a few missing? 

While your trampoline's poles are separate from your net, you should also inspect them. Are they sturdy? Do they wobble when you press against them? Make sure you pay extra attention to areas of the enclosure in direct sunlight, as they're more prone to breaking down.

If you're still unsure about whether to replace your trampoline's safety net, look up its warranty to get a better idea of its lifespan.

Instructions for How to Choose Your Trampoline Enclosure

When it comes to how to choose your trampoline enclosure, we want to find these three things:

  • Trampoline frame size
  • Safety enclosure style
  • Poles or archer number

How do you do that? With these three easy steps:

1. Measure Your Trampoline’s Frame

Let’s start by finding your trampoline’s diameter. Measure from one side of the frame’s outer edge to the opposite outer edge of the frame. Look at your frame as a clock. Take two measurements — one from the 3 to 9 o’clock position and a second from 12 to 6 o’clock mark. These measurements should give you the approximate size of your frame.

2. Identify Your Safety Enclosure Poles’ Style

Knowing your trampoline’s type of safety enclosure poles is essential when it comes to how to find the right net for your trampoline. Safety enclosure pole styles include:

  • Straight
  • Straight curved
  • Arched
  • Curved
  • Enclosure with top rings

Straight poles can vary. Some have pole caps with bolts, while others have pole caps with handles.

3. Count the Number of Poles or Arches

You may say we’ve saved the best for last with this simple step. All you and your kids need to do is count the number of poles or arches on your trampoline!

We do have one bonus tip for how to choose your trampoline enclosure. Know your net’s connection type:

  • Inner portion connection: Your pad for covering the springs surrounds the inside netting.
  • Outer portion connection: Your pad for covering the springs sits outside the netting.

And now, you’re ready to find your net.

How To Measure A Safety Net on a Trampoline

Find Top-Rated Nets for Your Trampoline

At SkyBound USA, we understand you want a net that’ll last. That’s why we offer our premium replacement nets at, our authorized dealer. They’ll fit your SkyBound USA trampoline and other trampoline brands, too.

Order your enclosure nets today and up the ante on your trampoline’s safety.

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Check the vertical legs of your trampoline. Check the upper 2/3rds of each vertical leg of your trampoline.

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