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16 products

Top-Rated Trampolines From SkyBound USA

It’s easy to nurture your inner-child — or watch your kids embrace theirs — when you’re sky-high on a trampoline built with safety and excellence. Our premium, top-rated enclosed trampolines offer stress-free fun, alongside great customer service and support. 

Trampolines for Adults and Kids

Kids and teens call our trampolines “awesome,” while parents remark on their easy setup. Each of our enclosed trampolines includes our industry-leading warranty and meet or exceed U.S. safety requirements, so you and everyone in your circle of friends can have fun without worrying.

Learn more about our different trampoline series below:

skybound usa orion trampoline

SkyBound Orion Trampolines

You get the best of both worlds with our Orion Trampoline. It combines the bounce of rectangle and round trampolines into an oval frame for one of the most responsive and thrilling oval trampolines on the market. The Orion series also includes:

  • Patented safety net
  • All-weather resistant enclosure pole foam
  • Extended safety-mat skirt
  • Lightning-quick assembly

skybound stratos trampoline

SkyBound Stratos Trampolines

We raised the bar with our Stratos Trampoline, one of the most innovative round trampolines for sale on the market. Available in three sizes, this enclosed round trampoline gives you and your friends the air you want, as well as the following benefits:

  • Twelve spot-welded galvanized steel enclosure poles
  • High-density, concave safety enclosure net
  • Lightning-quick enclosure system installation
  • ASTM safety certified

skybound cirrus trampoline

SkyBound Cirrus Trampolines

Spruce up your backyard with the blue accents of our Cirrus Trampoline. This round trampoline with a safety net enclosure inspires your kids to use their imagination as they reach new heights. Other features include:

  • Lightning-quick enclosure system installation
  • Six spot-welded galvanized steel enclosure poles
  • High-density, concave safety enclosure net

skybound mini-4 trampoline

SkyBound Mini-4 Trampolines

Introduce your little ones to trampolines early with our Mini-4 Trampolines, which are available in two colors — a baby blue and a vibrant red. Our circular trampolines help your children build their motor skills, balance and hand-eye coordination. Additional benefits include:

  • Foam-padded handle bar
  • Vinyl pad cover

skybound usa atmos trampoline

SkyBound Atmos Trampolines

Our enclosed Atmos Trampoline is the perfect follow-up after your kids have outgrown their Mini-4 Trampoline. Plus, it fits in small spaces while still giving your children the room to release loads of energy. Features of this top-rated trampoline include:

  • High-density concave safety enclosure net
  • Lightning-quick enclosure system installation
  • Eight spot-welded galvanized steel enclosure poles
  • ASTM safety certified

With our top-rated trampolines for adults and children, you can have a thrilling yet safe time.

Shipping and Pick-Up Options

At SkyBound USA, you’re welcome to pick up your trampoline from our warehouse in Santa Ana, CA or have us ship it to you. Just select “Pick up in store” during checkout, and we’ll have your trampoline ready for you the next business day.

We also provide free domestic shipping — except to Alaska and Hawaii — on all orders for trampoline replacement parts, plus our Super 7 and Mini 4 Trampolines.

The Benefits of Buying a Trampoline

Trampolines are terrific for the body and mind, whether you’re a young adult, a growing kid or a parent who wants to keep an active lifestyle. Since its invention in 1930, trampolines have been bringing families together to have fun.

Here are just a few of the health benefits of jumping on a trampoline:

  • Heart Health: Bouncing, or rebounding, is a vigorous but low-impact form of exercise that pumps up your cardiovascular performance without wearing out the rest of your body. The flexible surface of the trampoline decreases the shock of contact, promoting joint health, and the jumping motion increases your heart rate, blood flow and breath intake. Who knew bouncing up and down could be such a great workout?
  • Better Immune System: Rebounding stimulates the lymph system and helps valves to open and close, allowing your body to move cellular waste, clear out toxins and chemicals and keep your immune system functioning to the best of its abilities. Bouncing will help you fight off those pesky colds and build a body that’s stronger and more able to protect you.
  • Balance and Coordination: The force, airborne quality and surprise movements of rebounding encourage your body to find a center of gravity and anticipate future angles and positions. To help you re-balance when you land and maintain equilibrium no matter what position you try, your physical coordination improves, and this can help you with posture, other activities and better overall health.
  • Metabolic Buzz: Did know that after age 25, your metabolism can slow down at a rate as high as two to four percent each year? Engaging in regular bouncing burns calories, improves heart health, detoxifies your body and increases cellular energy — all of which result in a big boost for your metabolism. Rebounding can help you rid yourself of excess fat and cellulite while conditioning your body to burn energy more efficiently, letting you lose weight and stay as fit as ever. And the best part? It’s fun!

In addition to the perks they provide for your body, trampolines are great for other aspects of a healthy life, as well. Regular exercise increases children’s comprehension skills by 20 percent, helping them learn more quickly, letting them concentrate better in class, decreasing their chances of behavioral issues and contributing to a more energetic, engaged lifestyle.

Jumping together also gives you and your kids the chance to develop better communication, closer bonds and enhanced social skills. Make bouncing time family time, or let your kids invite their friends to enjoy your trampoline. In our increasingly digitized world, time spent socializing, exercising and physically engaging is good for everyone.

Importance of Buying a High-Performance, Premium Trampoline

When picking the perfect trampoline for your purchase, the best quality is all about safety, performance and endurance — and that’s exactly what SkyBound USA can promise you. With optimal features and high-grade materials, SkyBound USA’s high-performance, premium trampolines with safety net enclosures like our Orion 11x16 ft are sure to exceed your expectations. Here’s what our products offer:

  • Speedy Setup: With all the appropriate attention to safety, we’ve cut our efficient trampoline assembly process to 50 percent setup time, meaning half the wait and more time to enjoy your new addiction!
  • All-Weather Resistance: Regular trampolines are sensitive to rain, snow, wind and sun, leading to quicker wear and a shorter life. But our SkyBound XPE enclosure foam is hardy and all-weather resistant, providing premium durability and three times the lasting quality.
  • Killer Bounce: We know you want to reach the sky, and that’s why we make our trampolines with the strongest springs and materials to provide you with the best bounce. Our trampolines are among the most responsive rebounders in the world.
  • Supreme Safety: Safety always comes first, especially where kids are involved, so don’t worry — we design all our trampolines to meet U.S. ASTM safety standards. In addition, we offer precautionary features like our patented safety nets and safety mat skirts to make sure you always land in a safe zone.

How to Know What Trampoline Is Right for You

Now that you know you’re adding a trampoline to the family, how can you be sure which kind is best suited to your needs? Should you go for round or rectangular? Mini or massive? Before you select the style that seems coolest, there are some factors you should consider to ensure an excellent experience.

First, think about safety and the availability of space. Will you place your trampoline indoors or outdoors? Do you have a big backyard to work with? If your trampoline will be in your basement, how high is the ceiling? Safe trampolines should have about 24 feet of overhead clearance and two to six feet around the perimeter. Make sure you choose the proper trampoline size and placement to suit the environment that will be its home.

You should also think about usage. Will your trampoline be an exercise tool for one person at a time, or do you want to fit multiple bodies on your bouncy surface for fun together? Small and medium round trampolines are best for one or two people at a time, and there are even mini round trampolines to make storage easy and use portable. For large groups of people, bigger oval trampolines are the best bet because their shape enables multiple bounce areas.

How to Know What Trampoline Is Right for You

Consider the type of bounce experience you want. Round and oval trampolines tend to distribute weight and shock toward the middle, while square and rectangle trampolines only react in the area closest to the jumper and don’t have as much reactivity or as high a level of rebound capacity.

Trampoline Maintenance

To ensure you make the most of your trampoline’s durability and performance, you should take some regular steps to keep it in top shape. In addition to following the directions and advice in your user’s manual, here are just a few items you can do to care for your trampoline:

  • Keep It Clean: Dirt and debris left on your trampoline’s surface can eventually damage the mat or get into the springs if you leave it unattended. To make sure your trampoline stays squeaky clean, rub it down with soap, water and soft-bristle brushes every now and then. For extra maintenance between brushings, perform a quick spray-down with your hose.
  • Place It Properly: Your trampoline’s wear and tear has a lot to do with where you position it. To protect your trampoline from damage and hazards, pay attention to its surroundings. A shady spot will help prevent UV damage, but make sure you don’t place your trampoline too closely under a tree — it might pose a safety hazard for trampoline jumpers, and low-hanging branches, leaves and debris could damage the trampoline. Also, keep the trampoline far from grills, firepits or elements that might cause trouble, and make sure the surrounding area is free of other objects or fixtures.
  • Perform Checkups: Check your trampoline regularly for signs of damage. Look for tearing, fraying, holes or sagging on the jumping mat, and make sure you pay attention to any deterioration in the fabric. It’s also important to notice whether the frame connections are in good shape — the welds and frame shouldn’t be bent or broken. Lastly, keep an eye on spring condition and note whether they’re stretched or damaged.
  • Winterize: Whether or not you’re using your trampoline with a safety net in the winter, you can take some steps to keep it in the best condition until the warmer months roll around again. If you’re calling it quits for the season, store the trampoline in a dry space or invest in a cover for leaving it outdoors. You can also consider removing the mat and springs and keeping them inside. If you love to bounce even when it’s cold outside, make sure your model is rust-resistant, and always remove snow and debris with a broom or brush.

Trampoline Safety Rules

Whether you’re investing in a trampoline with a safety enclosure net for exercise purposes or purchasing a fun outlet for your kids, staying safe while bouncing is a key concern.

trampoline safety rules and ideas

Here’s how to make sure you’re engaging in rebounding that’s both rewarding and secure:

  • Check the Surface: When you pick out your new trampoline, look into the quality of the jumping surface. It should be forgiving but flexible, shock-absorbent but sturdy, smooth and strong. To ensure the best bounce and safest experience, ask your trampoline manufacturer for details about the quality of the surface materials.
  • Ask If It’s Tested: During the purchasing process, do some research into patents, safety standards and performance testing to make sure your trampoline is top-quality. Here at SkyBound USA, we meet U.S. ASTM safety requirements and promise you the best for your bounce.
  • Invest in a Safety Net: To ensure the bouncing doesn’t go out-of-bounds, consider purchasing a well-built, high-quality safety net along with your trampoline. At SkyBound USA, our patented safety nets are strong, sturdy and suited specifically to your trampoline style. They’ll keep you and your kids from falling and keep the fun circulating safely.

Learn more about how you can keep your children safe while bouncing on a trampoline!

What Weight and Age Limitations Should You Consider?

If your family sports members of multiple ages who are interested in rebounding fun, you might be wondering whether there are limits as to who — and how many — can bounce safely on the trampoline of your choice. When it comes to age, trampolines are okay for almost everyone, but be careful about introducing kids under age six to trampolines ten feet or larger. If you only have especially little ones, consider smaller trampolines or mini trampolines — they’re best suited for tiny bodies and have less rebounding responsiveness.

When it comes to weight, the typical rule is the bigger the trampoline, the higher the weight capacity. High-performance, premium trampolines are safe for both kids and adults, but double-check the maximum limit for trampolines you expect to hold multiple adults or older children. The largest 16ft oval trampolines can typically withstand up to 450 pounds.

In general, try not to overload your trampoline. While big models are made to accommodate multiple people, always make sure your bouncers have an appropriate amount of individual room to avoid bumping, crashing or weight overload. If it seems too crowded, it probably is!

What Is the Importance of Safety Net Enclosures?

Safety nets are precautionary netting enclosures that attach to your trampoline and surround the edges to keep bouncers from falling and protects any related damage to your frame or springs.

What Is the Importance of Safety Net Enclosures?

Nets aren’t one-size-fits-all — each trampoline type has a corresponding net that fits specifically with its shape. Do you always need a safety net to complement your trampoline? While it’s certainly a good idea no matter what, certain circumstances warrant the use of safety net enclosures more than others.

Think about who will use your trampoline and what its primary purpose will be. If you’re purchasing it to use yourself for routine cardio and relatively low-impact exercises, a safety net might not be necessary. If the trampoline is for gymnastic purposes, however, or if you know children will use it regularly — whether it’s multiple kids or even one — you should probably find a trampoline with a safety enclosure net for sale. When you see your kids bouncing off the sides and springing back up safely, you’ll know you made the right choice.

About SkyBound USA

So you’re sold on adding a terrific trampoline to your household, reaping the benefits of rebounding and caring for the fixture that creates so much fun — now it’s time to choose your perfect fit. If top-quality, high-performance, premium trampolines are what you’re looking for, SkyBound USA can provide your family with the jumping journey of a lifetime.

Since 2014, we’ve been dedicated to designing products that encourage everyone to explore their inner child by pursuing an active lifestyle. With quality products, award-winning service and a variety of premium trampolines in all shapes and sizes, we’re sure to have the perfect product pick to bring safe, stress-free family fun to your home. Begin your bouncing journey today by browsing our selection of top-quality trampolines.

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Providing you with the best trampolines that are fun, safe and secure is a defining value for our team at SkyBound USA. It’s the inspiration behind our innovative designs, like our patented safety nets, lightning-quick assemblies and unbeatable bounce of our Orion Series.

Experience the no-hassle setups and stress-free thrills of our top-rated trampolines by browsing our selection today!

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