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How to Find the Right Size Pad for Your Trampoline

How to Find the Right Size Pad for Your Trampoline

You love your trampoline, and your kids do, too — but unfortunately, your trampoline pad shows it. Ready to give it new life? At SkyBound USA, we can teach you how to find the right pad for your trampoline.

You Go-To Trampoline Pad Measurement Guide

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Trampoline frame size
  • Spring size
  • Number of pad holes or cut-outs

Now, onto our trampoline pad measurement guide:

1. Measure Your Trampoline’s Frame

The best way to measure your trampoline’s frame is from the frame’s outer edge to the opposite edge. Imagine your trampoline as a clock. Take one measurement from the 12 to 6 o’clock position and another from the 3 to 9 o’clock position. Use your diameter to find the pad size you need — for example, a 12-foot frame means you’ll need a 12-foot pad.

2. Size Up Your Springs

When finding your spring size, remember to measure its entire length. Measure from hook-end to hook-end — not just the coils. You’ll want to uninstall three springs to measure. Choose ones that aren’t overstretched, then compare their sizes to make sure your measurements are accurate.

3. Count Your Trampoline Pad Features

Does your pad have holes or cut-outs? Great! Count them up so you know how many enclosure poles you have. If you don’t have cut-outs that’s even better — you just took the steps for how to find the right pad for your trampoline from three to two!

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Is It Time To Replace Your Trampoline Pad?

At SkyBound USA, we value safety, quality and customer service that leaves you smiling. That’s why we trust as our authorized dealer for trampoline parts. They offer our premium trampoline pads and standard replacement pads. Order yours today to restore your trampoline to its former glory!

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