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Team SkyBound is comprised of the best and most creative gtramp athletes in the U.S. and E.U. They have devoted a significant percentage of their time and energy to their passion of Gtramping, inspiring many other athletes all over the world to push themselves to, and beyond, their limits. To join Team SkyBound, work hard, push harder, and share your journey instagram and/or youtube. To see who all of our athletes are, scroll down to view "Team SkyBound" below; if you want to know more about any of them, don't be afraid to click on their instagram profile provided with each photo. Remember, the sky is the limit!

+ Solomon Berg

+ Jayden Bilbrey

+ Jake Breshears

+ Luke Brogan

+ Andrew Friedman

+ Tyler Funk

+ Deon Groves

+ Gavin May

+ Rammy O'Keeffe

+ Cam Shorey

+ Kyle Skelly

+ Tanner Witt

+ Lenny Wolkind

+ Jaxon Cosina

+ Austin Ferris

Our community of social influencers are comprised of big youtubers and people that have contributed strongly to the SkyBound team in one way or another. We have a story with each of these incredible people, (e.g. Jake Paul, Gavin May... etc.). To read more about what we have done with these prominent figures, scroll down or click on the "community" logo.

Jake Paul


Jake Paul and the Team 10 crew approached us earlier this year to collaborate on one of our most insane video projects in 2017… SKYBOUND HELICOPTER TRAMPOLINE!!! How could we resist the offer of making one of our trampolines “Sky Bound” with the legendary Team 10 captain, Jake Paul?

Tanner Fox

Professional Scooter Athlete and Youtuber

A San Diego native, Tanner Fox is a professional scooter rider initially known for his skills and being a sponsored rider with Lucky Scooters. Now, Tanner Fox is a full-fledged Youtuber known for his awesome channel with over 5M subscribers, fans which he affectionately refers to as his #FoxFam. Known as one-half of the "Tanner Squared" internet meme. Tanner Fox can sometimes be seen driving down California highways in his "Guac-zilla" Nissan GT-R!

Cody Flom

Professional Scooter Athlete and Youtuber

Cody Flom is one of our favorite scooter riders whom, like Tanner Fox, also happens to be sponsored with Lucky Scooters! Aside from his amazing scooter skills and competing and placing in events like the Nitro World Games, Cody’s YouTube channel and growing #Flomily fanbase makes it easy to see why he’s a fan favorite in the scooter community. As a Southern California native and one of the humblest guys around, Cody definitely gets our vote as one of the sickest riders to represent So Cal!

Gavin May

SkyBound Gtramp Athlete and Youtuber

Gavin May is a 15 year-old dedicated filmmaker and athlete from Maryland. Gavin competes not only in the sport of trampoline, but in national diving as well. An accomplished athlete, Gavin got his start on YouTube with trampoline flipping and Gtramp focused videos. He has since branched out to create new content for his growing fan-base, such as documenting his travels to Dubai, California, or Hawaii.

Max Jagodzinski

Filmmaker and Videographer

Max Jag is a 21 year-old filmmaker and content creator from Minnesota. Originally signed as a Team SkyBound athlete with his hometown crew @Tramptr1ck1ng, Max has since gone on to become Team SkyBound’s official videographer and editor, capturing the skills demonstrated and passion displayed at all SkyBound events. Max continues to chase his passion for story-telling through his lens – his fingerprints can be seen in a lot of SkyBound’s original video content!


The images and videos displayed in this website are performed by professional athletes in controlled environments. Do not attempt to duplicate, re-create, or perform the same or similar exercise, flips, or moves without proper, training, preparation, knowledge and supervision, as personal injury to you, your child, or others may result. Use at your own risk.

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