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A Guide to the Safest Trampolines for Kids

Trampolines can be an endless source of family-fun and a great source of exercise for both kids and parents. Are trampolines dangerous? The answer is they can be. Before you purchase an outdoor trampoline, it is essential to find one that not only meets your needs but enhances the safety of your family’s bouncing experience. In your evaluation, you will need to consider the materials and construction of the trampoline, as well as its size, shape, and safety features designed to avoid trampoline accidents and injuries. Here is everything you need to know about finding the safest backyard trampoline. 

What to Look For 

The safest trampolines for kids are those that incorporate high-quality construction with additional features that create the safest environment for you and your child to enjoy. Here is what you should look for when searching for a new safe trampoline.

Sturdy Construction: One of the worst things that can happen while jumping on a trampoline is for the whole thing to tip over. Of course, you can help mitigate this risk by setting up your trampoline on a flat surface, but you should also look for one that is properly constructed to avoid this risk. When looking at trampolines, opt for those with a steel frame, weighted base or that can be securely anchored to the ground. The SkyBound Heavy Duty Trampoline Anchor Kit is the perfect add-on to ensure your backyard trampoline stays put no matter what. 

Weather-Proofing: Given that trampolines are usually left outside all year long, they must be able to withstand all kinds of weather. Several metal components on an outdoor trampoline, including the frame and springs, are typically prone to rust over time when exposed to rain and snow. That’s why we at SkyBound use galvanized steel and hot-dipped springs that are rust-proof and guaranteed to last longer than those lacking this extra layer of protection. 

Part Durability: While cheaper parts may save you some money upfront, you’ll likely end up paying significantly more over time as you have to replace your trampoline’s net enclosure, springs, or jumping mat at least once each year. Paying for a higher quality trampoline with durable parts means your trampoline won’t require replacement parts for several years. At SkyBound, we stand by the high-quality of our trampolines, which is why we offer up to a 10-year warranty on our products and parts. 

Size & Shape: Understanding the variety of sizes and shapes available is critical to purchasing an appropriate trampoline for your family. Trampolines generally range anywhere from 36 inches to 15 feet or more in diameter and typically are available in round, oval, or rectangular shapes. A small, round trampoline or oval trampoline is generally safer for young children as the small trampoline’s restricted diameter limits the height of the jump users can achieve. Alternatively, a large, rectangular trampoline creates more refraction that leads to a stronger, higher jump, which can increase the inherent risk of using the trampoline. SkyBound offers varioustrampoline shapes and sizes so you can find the right fit for your family. 

Safety Features: Whether your kids’ trampoline comes with these safety features included, or you have to purchase them separately, you will want to ensure that your safe trampoline has a safety pad that covers the springs and frame as well as a tall safety enclosure net surrounding the perimeter of the trampoline and attaching inside the springs. Together, these two features help reduce the risk of several of the most common trampoline injuries. At SkyBound, all of our trampolines come with a custom-fit safety pad and enclosure net included. The high-density safety enclosure is reinforced with a top-ring system that utilizes metal bands to improve the net’s safety by adding rigidity and stability for a safer bounce. Our thick, two-piece safety pads have an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal coating while utilizing our proprietary foam blended from vinyl and film PVC materials for ultimate trampoline safety and durability. 

The Best and Safest Trampolines

The best and safest trampolines on the market are found at SkyBound. We use the highest-quality materials to construct every trampoline and include all the necessary safety accessories so you and your family can bounce happily. From our 3-foot Children’s Trampoline to the 16-foot Explorer Oval Trampoline with Safety Enclosure System, SkyBound is dedicated to creating the best and safest trampolines for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.  So, visit our website today to find the safest trampolines for sale!


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