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Premium Replacement Mat for 14ft Trampolines - 147in / 88 V-Rings / 7.0in Springs
SkyBound:  Product is Made with the Best materials for safety.  Designed to withstand the everyday beating that trampoline mats receive.  Features a UV-protective sun guard to protect against long-term sun damage.
Safe, Fun, and Premium-Quality Trampoline.  Built for Safety, Made to Last, High-Quality Design, High-Quality Frame, and Extra-Strength Sun Guard.
How to Determine your Mat Size:  1-Measure the diameter of your trampoline's steel frame (do not measure the mat).  2-Count the number of V-rings on your original trampoline mat.  3-Measure your original springs, unstretched, from hook end to hook end.
How to Install:  1-Use the included spring tool to stretch the spring into place.  2-Install 4 opposite springs.  It is highly recommended to count your V-rings and spring holes to pinpoint the correct installation points.  3-Follow the installation pattern.  Every V-ring should be connected to a spring.  Note: Springs and frame are not included.
The Difference: A comparison chart between Premium Trampoline Mat, Standard Trampoline Mat, Generic Brand.  Spring Tool included: Yes, Yes, No.  V-Ring Thickness: 5.0 mm, 4.4 mm, 3.0 mm.  Rows of Stitching 10, 8, 6.  Manufacturer Warranty: 2 Years, 1 Year, No Warranty.  UV-Protective Sun Guard Strip: Yes, No, No.
Girl jumping on Trampoline.  Premium Quality you can Feel:  Product will help with Muscle Reactions and Increased Energy, Brain Buzz, Increased Breathing Rate, Increased Heart Rate.
Girl Jumping on Trampoline.  SkyBound: At SkyBound USA, we combined our collective desire of wanting to promote an active lifestyle for children with nurturing the inner child in everyone by designing innovative products that the whole family will love!
Premium Replacement Mat for 14ft Trampolines - 147in / 88 V-Rings / 7.0in Springs

Premium Replacement Mat for 14ft Trampolines - 147in / 88 V-Rings / 7.0in Springs

Product Descriotion

Tech Specs


NOT COMPATIBLE with SkyBound Trampolines

This trampoline part is designed for other trampoline brands.

If you need SkyBound parts please contact us directly at 888-891-4689.

Product Details:

  • Compatible Frame Sizes: 14 Feet
  • Mat Diameter: 147 inches
  • Compatible Spring Size: 7.0 inches
  • V-Rings Count: 88
  • Mat Shape: Round
  • UPC: 819453019305

Product Background:

This is black replacement premium jumping mat made of permatron, for 14ft frame trampolines.The mat diameter is 147 inches with 88 v-rings and fits 7.0 inch springs. Please make sure to measure your current mat size, springs size and count your mat's v-rings to select the appropriate model for your trampoline. For more information on how to measure your parts correctly, please check out our How To Measure section or the video below.

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