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Meet Team SkyBound: Tanner Braungardt


Meet Tanner, one of our first sponsored athletes. This 16 year old YouTube sensation recently hit 1M subscribers. Originally from Kansas, Tanner is a flipper at heart. Growing up he played a majority of sports and always had an interest in gymnastics.  One day Tanner's mom bought him a trampoline, and the rest is history.  When hes not at school or editing videos, you can find him studying other flippers and looking for ways to improve his skills. A majority of Tanner's videos are of him doing some pretty strange things on the trampoline, but don't let that fool you, Tanner is a talented athlete. Triple backs are his specialty. Take a look at Tanners 1 million subscribers thank you video where he sets up his new foam pit (partially donated by SkyBound) and does what he does best.


To celebrate Tanner reaching 1 Million YouTube subscribers, he is hosting his own SkyBound Stratos giveaway! Enter to win SkyBound clothing, autographed merchandise and one lucky winner will receive a free SkyBound Stratos. Follow Tanner's YouTube for sick content and more contest information 

Instagram: @TannerBraungardt Twitter: @Braungardtanner

Don't want to wait for our contest to end? Get 10% off a SkyBound Stratos now Use Code: TANNER10

Tanner was a great collaborator for #TeamSkyBound. His hysterical videos and love for flipping was exactly what we were looking for. Stay tuned for next weeks Meet Team SkyBound!

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