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Meet Team SkyBound: Jake Breshears


Meet Jake Breshears, a 14 year old #TeamSkyBound athlete from Wichita Kansas. Jake is a dedicated flipper. Only two years into the game, and hes already throwing quad backs and other skills some athletes only dream of. Whens hes not flipping, you can find him at school or long boarding. Check out one of Jake's YouTube videos below and see why we chose him for #TeamSkyBound.

Jake's favorite skill is the Cody and he aspires to land a quad back or triple Cody this year. Hes stays motivated with his personal quote, "stay invincible", which speaks for itself. When he grows up he wants to be a professional Gtramper. We're not sure if that's a possible career path, but we will certainly be supporting Jake on his journey there.

You can follow Jake on Instagram and YouTube. 

Stay tuned for next weeks Meet #TeamSkyBound

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