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Meet Team SkyBound: Andrew Friedman

Meet 16 year old Andrew Friedman from Los Angeles, California. Andrew joined #TeamSkyBound this year and is one of our most active athletes. Known for tricking, Friedman has dedicated his Instagram to cataloging his tricks and  has already acquired over ten thousand Instagram followers  (and yes, we're impressed). Andrew spends an insane amount of time training, he's hungry for new skills. Three years into the game, and no signs of stopping any time soon, Friedman aspires to learn more tricks and increase his #gtramp exposure.


Andrew was our first athlete to receive the SkyBound Stratos Spring Upgrade. Pictured below, these springs are 8.5" long and thicker than our standard springs. You can check out his review of the springs on his  Instagram. While you're at it, check out his YouTube channel for some sick edits and skills.




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