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The SkyBound GT Games goes Global!

 The SkyBound GT Games goes Global!

Presented by GRT Inc. & SkyBound USA 

Media Press Release 


May 29, 2018 - Escondido, CA.  SkyBound USA, a Fuloo LLC company, has partnered with Canadian Trampolinist  Greg Roe of GRT Sport Events to establish themselves as the leaders in the freestyle and garden trampoline community movement (#GTramp). SkyBound USA launched the world’s first official garden trampoline competition with support from Greg Roe Trampoline in summer 2017. In 2018, the US version of the GT Games will return to the Escondido Sports Center on June 29 - July 1, 2018. One month following the USA event, the GT Games will travel to Denmark for the first ever GT Games in Europe! GRT and SkyBound USA have been the trailblazers in the garden trampoline community, creating events around the world and providing the freestyle trampoline community an outlet and a platform to showcase their incredible athleticism, skills, and abilities.  

The SkyBound GT Games, short for “Garden Trampoline Games,” is an annual event to promote the freestyle garden trampoline community of athletes.  Each year, the GT Games invites the top athletes around the world whom demonstrate not only outstanding skills but also control, creativity, and style.  The judges review through hundreds of online video submissions using the hashtag #GTGamesUS2018 or #GTGamesEU2018 and registering to officially compete at Greg Roe, a former Olympic-level trampolinist for Team Canada, will serve as co-host and emcee of the event as well as providing mentorship and support for the young athletes whom will be competing in the GT Games from all over the world.

Over 1,000 submission entries were received for the SkyBound GT Games this year, with the selected athletes invited to compete in a friendly competitive tournament. Many of these young athletes (age 11 - 21) are excited to have the chance to demonstrate their unique skills and talents in front of their peers and spectators, their social media followers, and their fellow freestyle Gtramp athletes. Some athletes as young as 11 years old have already become social media influencers, developing a YouTube following spilling over from their Instagram and SnapChat accounts where they post highlights of impressive tricks and skills, as well as their unique ‘daredevil’ style stunts.

The GT Games is expanding to a three-day event this year with Friday, June 29 being the ‘Media and Training Day’, including a press conference at 12:30 pm at the Escondido Sports Center in Escondido, CA. All media partners are invited to attend this exclusive event conference featuring Greg Roe and some of the top sponsored athletes in the sport for a ‘Question & Answer’ segment and live demonstrations of their skills on the SkyBound trampolines provided for the GT Games. Lunch and refreshments will also be served. 

The competition will start on Saturday June 30 at 2:00 pm PST and will last until approximately 9:00 pm PST. Sunday morning at 10 am PST, the top ten finalists from each division will compete for the first, second, and third place prizes for their respective competitive event. On Friday, registered athletes will have the opportunity to free-bounce and test out the new flagship SkyBound ‘Horizon’ rectangle trampoline that is about to hit the North American consumer market, as well having their free-bounce sessions coached by Greg Roe.

“The Horizon trampoline is SkyBound’s newest flagship model trampoline. Rectangular in shape, it’s the largest garden trampoline of its  kind.  SkyBound’s engineers have extensively tested the bounce quality, enclosure safety, performance, and durability of the Horizon trampoline to develop one of the bounciest and strongest garden trampolines in the world.” - Ricky Lai, Marketing Manager, SkyBound USA

SkyBound USA’s corporate philosophy is closely aligned with the message GRT has been delivering to the trampoline community worldwide -- creating a fun and safe environment for ‘flippers’ and Gtramp athletes, achieved through a safe and educational trampoline training program. Based on Roe’s step-by-step approach to training and putting safety first, SkyBound USA believed in aligning with GRT’s mission for bridging the gap between the recreational trampoline enthusiasts and professional trampoline athletes.

“Over the past few years, the Gtramp community has been faced with criticism for allowing kids to perform multiple flips and tricks on their backyard trampolines without supervision and coaching. What the general public don’t realize is many of these young athletes actually learn the skills from well known and respected trampolinists by watching on-line tutorials, taking classes at local gyms or trampoline parks, but still many are self taught;” explains trampoline professional Greg Roe.  “ The fact that they can achieve the skill level we are seeing today is a testament to their perseverance and the improvements in the quality of equipment available. Both SkyBound and GRT Inc. see them as true athletes in their own regard and want to give credit to the GTramp community through the creation of the GT Games.” – Greg Roe, GRT Inc.

Greg Roe is a well known former gymnast, Team Canada Trampolinist and Level 3 Coach, who will also be hosting a trampoline skills camp training with the athletes invited to the GT Games. Greg Roe respects the skills and the style that the Gtramp athletes bring to the bigger trampoline community as a whole. Rather than patronizing the Gtramp community for their perceived ‘dangerous’ tricks and flips, Greg Roe believes there is value in coaching and reinforcing safety and positive mental training for all trampoline athletes attending the event and viewing the event across the live stream and social media partner networks.

“This is an amazing sports opportunity for the GTramp community!” added Trish McGeer, GRT’s Director of Marketing and GT Games organizer, “Greg and I began working in partnership with the SkyBound USA last year, bringing his unique style of coaching and enthusiasm to the brand. We are thrilled to bring this unique event to California for the second time. Last year was an a amazing event and it will be even bigger and better this year.”

The SkyBound GT Games is growing this year to include Europe! Taking place on August 4 - 5, 2018 at the world-famous gymnastics school, Ollerup Gymnastics, located in southern Denmark, European freestyle garden trampoline athletes will be treated to a state of the art facility, dorm rooms, and beautiful accommodations.

For more information on the SkyBound GT Games presented by GRT Inc., please visit their website at:


GT Games USA event hosted by: Escondido Sports Center (Kit Carson Park), California

GT Games EU event hosted by: OllerUp School, Denmark, Europe


For more information please contact: 
Trish McGeer, GRT Inc.  - email /

Ricky Lai, SkyBound USA   - email /

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