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SkyBound Stratos Trampoline Review

We're sharing an amazing essay written by Jeffrey V., owner of a SkyBound Stratos trampoline. With his permission, Jeffrey has allowed us to publish his essay on our blog for our fans and friends to read! Read more about Jeffrey's experience with his SkyBound Stratos below:

SkyBound Stratos Trampoline Review

by: Jeffrey V.

"As far as how old the invention of the trampoline is, it’s a relatively new invention. It was first thought of in the 1930s by a gymnast in Iowa named George Nissen. He made it of inner tubes and scrap metal. The idea of the trampoline hasn't really changed since that time. This trampoline is specifically made by SkyBound Trampolines, it is a circle trampoline with a diameter of fifteen feet from each side of the frame. It is made with galvanized steel, the springs are eight and a half inches long which is a good size for springs. SkyBound Trampolines also makes other types of trampolines and they sponsor athletes in the GTramp community (garden trampoline). They hosted the GTramp games in early July to expand the community of trampoliners. The trampoline that I have is the SkyBound Stratos and it was about $750 which sounds like a lot but some trampolines can cost upwards of $1200. There are many benefits of having a SkyBound trampoline, for example the great build quality or the high bounce or even that it is aesthetically pleasing as a trampoline in general.

Over the two years that I’ve been doing trampoline, I’ve been on and thoroughly tested them. The number of trampolines I’ve been on is somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 plus. As I mentioned before the price of the Stratos that I got was around $750, though on amazon right now it is $849.99, the price changes often. Some of the safety benefits of having this trampoline in particular is that the safety net around the trampoline. It is the best one out right now because it is durable resilient and actually keeps you pretty safe. If you are a rebel you can take off the net or not buy it at all, though I would recommend spending the extra cash to get, just to be safe. Some health benefits of having a trampoline in general is that it is great exercise and it is fun as heck (at least for me). There are many other benefits but those are the most impactful towards your health.

    This trampoline is in a kinda weird price range. $750 could the price of a bad rectangle trampoline. The trampoline is like a midrange one, because cheap tramps are around $400 and expensive ones go up to $14,000. One trampoline that is in the same vicinity of $750 is the SkyWalker rectangle. There are differences to rectangles and circles but normally rectangles are bouncier. I had the experience of being on a SkyWalker, it was very loose ( means that it is harder to get height on) and it felt kinda sketchy due to all the safety and material cut backs to make it $750. Because of the shape, SkyWalker made cuts, but because circles are normally cheaper to make SkyBound could put bigger springs on and make sure all the parts were well protected against the elements. Honestly I normally like rectangles better, but in this comparison the SkyBound wins hands down. For me the experience of a circle is more pleasant than those of a rectangles. You have more space to flip and jump in general. The design of old Walmart trampolines inhibit you of using the whole tramp because the net sags down. Now on the SkyBound if you put on the net properly the net is tight and looks absolutely lovely.

    Some people may say why not just get a cheap trampoline. So I say to them why don't you get a cheap car or a cheap phone. Trampolines are experiences, not just a thing that you use once a year. People have actually said that to me, like my brother or my parents. People may also they’re dangerous or “you’ll break your neck doing that”. The Stratos has a safety net and it’s pretty good at that. And on anything you could hurt yourself even walking or eating vegetables. This SkyBound is very good and I don't see why somebody shouldn’t get one just to have fun or to practice a full in Rudy out (a double front flip with a full twist in the first one and in the second flip with a one a one and half twist) .

    The SkyBound Stratos in my backyard is basically my favorite thing at my house. I go on it almost everyday and I enjoy every minute of it. I built it by myself and I take care of it. It may be a pricey endeavor, but I do 100% think at least 1 million of the world's people should have a trampoline like this. For the price that you are paying there is actually nothing really on the market that can compete with it, and at least for me it is one of the finest and most elegant trampolines ever produced. Though it may not be the bounciest trampoline, it has charm and character. There are many benefits to having a trampoline, like something to do when your bored or some serious flipping. Trampolines shouldn’t be considered a waste of money, that’s why SkyBound shouldn’t be shrugged off. They’re a great brand and make excellent products, and you should have one, everyone should. Trust me this tramp will have you jumping up and down with excitement. Literally."

We're so thankful to all of our fans and friends who take the time to write about our products, our service, and our passion for being involved in the community! If you have a story or experience you'd like to share about your SkyBound product(s), please email and let us know about it! 

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