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Honoring Our Fallen: Children of Our Fallen Toy Drive

For Memorial Day 2017, we wanted to support our long-time partners, Honoring Our Fallen, in a way that would help them feel invigorated by their amazing on-going support for the families of our fallen heroes. We also wanted the children of our fallen military heroes to feel happy and care-free during a difficult period of transition for their families. Honoring Our Fallen works tirelessly to support the families and loved ones affected by the loss of a parent or family member during their honorable military service for our country.

We first worked with Honoring our Fallen in 2015, when we donated and delivered a pallet of children's mega blocks and our Super 7 trampolines to Chick-Fil-A in Seal Beach, CA, which hosts the "Children of the Fallen Toy Drive" event annually every year. Laura Herzog, the director and president for Honoring Our Fallen, started her non-profit organization in Southern California in 2011 and has since seen it grow from one chapter into numerous local chapters across the nation with the same mission and values: to support the children and families of our fallen soldiers. Our team at SkyBound USA has always been touched by the mission and values of the staff and volunteers that work with Honoring Our Fallen.

As Honoring Our Fallen has seen growth over the past couple of years, SkyBound USA also has developed our own network of loyal fans and followers. This growth has allowed for SkyBound USA to donate over $9000 worth of SkyBound outdoor products, toys, and trampolines to Honoring Our Fallen during this year's Toy Drive event! We were ecstatic to donate 50 SkyBound swing nets and 50 SkyBound Mini-4 trampolines to support our military families and children in need following the loss of their loved ones. 

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