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Skybound Skylift 8 ft trampoline with electronic wristband
On the left is a intact 8ft trampoline with fiberglass poles, while on the right is a trampoline with broken steel support poles, The title reads: PATENTED HIGHLY ELASTICFIBERGLASS STRUTSAvoid the hidden danger of breaking like steel.
Title: Patent fiberglass pole. On the left, a little girl is pushing the trampoline net on a 8ft Skylift trampoline. On the right, it says the safe space between the net and the support pole, No accidents even if children fall.
Title: SKYBOUND JUMP GAMES Description: On the left, there is an electronic wristband provided with the Skylift trampoline. On the right, three children are jumping on a Skylift 8-foot trampoline. Below, there are four smartphone screens displaying the interface of the Skylift Jump Games app, along with icons supporting downloads for Android and Apple phones.
At the top, a little girl is lying on an 8ft trampoline, with a detailed image of the net in the top left corner. Below it reads
8ft trampoline size: 96inch × 82inch

SkyLift Curved Pole Trampoline - 8ft

Recommended user weight limit: 220 Pounds
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Skybound’s patented curved fiberglass rod has high toughness and is not easy to break.


Upgraded premium PP Pad has a lifespan that is 6-8 times longer than that of regular foam pads. It's water-resistant, scratch-resistant, and UV-resistant.
The unique zipper design replaces conventional ropes, making assembly easy and ensuring the safety of you and your children, as toes or feet won't extend outside the enclosure net and get caught in spring gaps.


Quickly restores to its original shape without deformation or rupture after being pulled and released with force.


Every component of Skybound trampolines is of high quality. We conducted a knife scratch test on the spring pad, and it remained intact.


In addition to the SkyBound GT Games, we were thefirst trampoline company to sponsor meet-ups in theUSA. The“meet-ups” are gatherings of trampolineathletes and enthusiasts coming together to train andbe a part of the #GTramp community.These weresome of the events we have hosted!
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