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Skybound 10ft springfree trampoline
10ft Springfree trampoline using a zipper instead of ropes directly connecting the mat and the net.
Next to the 10ft springfree Trampoline are three detailed images, with the following labels beside each:  Double-layer bungee cord, Zipper between the net and the jumping mat, Rust-resistant galvanized coating.
Title: Patent Bungee Cord Description: Above, there is a highly elastic trampoline jumping cloth on display. Below, there is a detailed image of the bungee cord, with
Title: Patent fiberglass bending pole Description: On the left, a little girl is pushing the trampoline net on a 10ft springfree trampoline. On the right, it says the safe space between the net and the pole, No accidents even if children fall.
Title: The pad is made of high-strength polypropylene fabric. Description: Above are four test photos of the pads, including UV resistance, waterproof, scratch resistance, and longer lifespan.
Skybound springfree 10ft trampoline size: 12inch × 100inch

SkyBound Springfree Trampoline - 10 FT

Maximum Weight Recommendation: 330 lbs [ All-in-One Box]
Sku: W550102501
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Patented Bungee Cords

4 times longer service life than springs, The fatigue test of Bungee cords is up to 300,000 times, while springs are only 80,000 times.
A broken spring of other trampoline brand

No Springs Means No Injuries Caused By Springs

The sharp edges formed by broken springs can cause serious injuries to both users and people nearby. The unique and patented bungee cords, used instead of springs, providing peace of mind that your children are safe.

Quick zipper device

We eliminated cumbersome straps and designed zippers on the net and pads.  It only takes 1 minute to assemble. 
And there are no gaps between the net and the jumping mat, so you don't need to worry about children stepping into the gaps between the bungee cords while playing.
Assembling trampoline net
On the left is a broken trampoline steel pole, on the right is an intact fiberglass rod bent by hand.

Highly elastic and tough mat

These trampoline mats feature heavy duty stitching, stronger rings, and UV sun protective coating to help your kids bounce safely all year long!

Patented Bearing Parts

Protects the elastic cord from abrasion and extends the life of the elastic cord

Upgraded strong and durable net

Skybound trampolines are designed with safety in mind for users of all ages, from toddlers to adults. Featuring sturdy nets and flexible support poles, coupled with bottom zips and reinforced PVC layers, provides cushioning for jumpers and prevents falling to the ground.

What's the difference between Max. user weight and Max. Weight Capacity?

The max user weight reters to the heavest weight of the person/s, while the Max weight capacity refers to the most the trampoline can support withoutstructural damage/failure.

How long will bungee cords last?

Our bungee cords have tested to 300,000 umps. W/th our unique double buckle design, it can increase the lifespan of bungee cords. Al of our parts come witan extended protection of 5 year!

The enclosure pole looks very thin, will it be prone to breaking easily?

Don't worry, our patented fberglass pole is very durable and sturdy. t has excellent tensile strength and can withstand puling forces without breaking

My previous trampoline always had the spring cover pad shift during jumping, will yours do the same?

No, Our pad is sewn with high-quality straps at the botom, which tightly wraps around the frame and won't loosen.
In addition to the SkyBound GT Games, we were thefirst trampoline company to sponsor meet-ups in theUSA. The“meet-ups” are gatherings of trampolineathletes and enthusiasts coming together to train andbe a part of the #GTramp community.These weresome of the events we have hosted!

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