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We were happy to support Austin's Christmas wish this year!

We were happy to support Austin's Christmas wish this year!
Austin ( @itsaustin2005 ) suffers from a rare condition called Mitochondrial Disease. This means that his mitochondria are unable to completely convert food and oxygen to generate energy, which is essential for normal cell function. As a result of this, overexertion can tire Austin out really quickly. He also has heat intolerance, which can be difficult when living in a place like humid and sunny Florida. Austin and his mother, Tonia ( @mitomommy ), drive to Houston, TX from Florida to receive treatment for his condition every six months.

For Christmas, Austin asked his mother if he could have a SkyBound Trampoline just like Tanner Braungardt’s ( @tannerbraungardt ), whom he is a huge fan of! As a single mother, this proved to be difficult to manage so Tonia reached out directly to us at SkyBound in the hopes that we could offer some level of assistance. After learning about Tonia and Austin’s story, we offered to donate Tonia and Austin one of the Stratos trampolines that we used at the first annual SkyBound GTramp Games!

Needless to say, Austin was ecstatic to get the trampoline! We’re so glad that we could help Austin get exactly what he wished for Christmas this year – a SkyBound Stratos trampoline and a chance to speak to his favorite Youtuber, Tanner Braungardt! 

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