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Eos Sensory Mini Trampoline by SkyBound USA

Eos Sensory Mini Trampoline by SkyBound USA

At SkyBound USA, we truly believe in the importance of giving back to the community. This is why we’ve partnered with organizations nationwide that focus on providing educational resources for families of with children with autism. Working with The Center for Autism and Neuro-developmental Disorders in Irvine, CA. www.thecenter4autism.org over the past two years, SkyBound USA had donated mini-trampolines, swings, and other outdoor play products to the center to support families and children in need.

From parents and therapist feedback, we learned that our Mini-4 trampoline wasn’t designed to withstand the rigorous hours of use as a therapy and sensory needs training device. This led us to develop the Eos mini-trampoline for the sensory needs community. Prior to the Eos mini trampoline, very few options existed in the market that focused on promoting sensory play and sensory regulation. Other brands of sensory trampolines were far too expensive for families to purchase for home use. In developing the Eos sensory trampoline, SkyBound USA set out to achieve a more budget-conscious sensory needs mini trampoline that didn’t compromise on quality, safety, or performance.

Through our community outreach efforts, we realized there existed a need for a premium mini-trampoline that could serve both therapists at centers and families at home alike. The Eos mini trampoline was designed for just this purpose. With a welded dual-frame design for superior strength and stability, a removable dual-handlebar design to support children’s’ balance and coordination, and a proprietary safety mat skirt to limit user contact with steel parts, the Eos truly delivers as one of the safest mini-trampolines for children on the market today.

Personal Customer Success Story:

Frank L., a local parent in Orange County, reached out to SkyBound after his autistic child, Broxton, broke three different SkyBound Mini-4 trampolines in under a year due to his daily hours of extended usage. Broxton, a passionate fan of SkyBound, loves his Eos mini trampoline and was very happy to report that his Eos was holding up strong after months of usage. Frank, Broxton’s dad, says the Eos is a regular part of Broxton’s daily routine at home and has provided his son with a positive outlet to self-regulate his mood and energy levels, day or night.

Do you have story to share with us about your Eos and sensory needs child? Or, are you an Autism resource center or special needs childcare center interested in the Eos for your children? Please connect with us and tell us how we can help!

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  • I like the Eos Sensory Mini Trampoline by SkyBound USA.

    Cassandra D
  • I had thought about something like this for my niece and nephew. Is this only for a child’s use or would an adult also be able to use it?

    Susan Marina Brown Lane
  • I have wanted one of these for sometime now and is finally getting one. I am so excited. I can’t wait for it to show up. Thanks for everything.

    Brandon Sparks
  • In an effort to get in shape I bet this would be so helpful!

  • I’m sure that this would be perfect for our son.

    Ivelisse Woods

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