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Atmos & Stratos Debut Press Release

This spring, SkyBound Trampolines is pleased to announce the official launch of two new full-sized trampoline models with enclosure net systems, the SkyBound Atmos & Stratos Trampolines! Ranging in size from 8’ (Atmos) and 12’, 14’, and 15’ (Stratos), SkyBound’s Atmos and Stratos Trampolines will be available for sale starting May 2016, just in time for the warm spring and summer days ahead! Utilizing decades of combined industry experience working within the childrens’ trampolines and active-play outdoors industry, the SkyBound Team set out to develop two brand-new, revolutionary, full-sized trampoline models to challenge the status quo in the U.S. trampoline industry, which has largely remained static in regards to innovation, safety, and design elements in the last decade. atmosblog “We didn’t want to create the ATMOS and STRATOS trampoline models just to simply provide a couple of new trampoline options to pick from in the U.S. marketplace. We wanted to create sturdy, solid, aesthetically-pleasing trampolines with NO complicated parts and NO gimmicky features. The entire user experience from installation to bouncing around has been the focus of the Atmos and Stratos trampoline models.” stratosblog Headquartered in Southern California, the SkyBound Team spent numerous months during the Research & Development phase to create the Atmos 8’ Trampoline and the Stratos 12’, 14’, and 15’ Trampoline. [caption id="attachment_425" align="alignnone" width="632"]SkyBound Atmos 8ft Trampoline SkyBound Atmos 8ft Trampoline[/caption] “The ATMOS and STRATOS lines of trampolines were created to raise the bar for an uninspired trampoline industry, to fully exceed our customers’ expectations of our brand, SkyBound, to reaffirm our commitment in providing our customers the best quality products with excellent warranty terms, and to inspire kids to dream and use their imagination! Bouncing on an Atmos or Stratos Trampoline, the Sky’s the Limit!” SkyBound Trampolines was founded in 2010 as a trampoline parts supplier for many trampoline brands sold at most major retailers. Since 2014, SkyBound has grown their outdoor play accessories & trampoline line across North America. SkyBound can be found at and at numerous ecommerce retailers, including Amazon, Ebay,, Wayfair, Newegg, and Rakuten.

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