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Trampoline Safety with Greg Roe

Our partnership with Greg Roe grew from a mutual mission to bring awareness to, and merge both the gtramp (garden trampoline) and competitive trampoline communities. Greg has an extensive background in the competitive trampoline industry and is committed to helping the industry grow in a positive manner while keeping safety as a main concern. SkyBound on the other hand is one of the first brands in the industry promoting the gtramp community and pushing to standardize it’s safety protocols. We knew by joining forces we could really make an impact in both communities. Once our partnership was established, we quickly hit it off, planning an outreach trip to Honduras that same summer.

We traveled to Honduras and delivered five 15ft Stratos trampolines to various churches, orphanages, and schools around the country. We aimed to give the children a safe and healthy outlet while teaching them the basics of trampolining and hopefully a life long passion.  Looking into the future, we will host the first ever GTramp Games. A competition for garden tramp athletes to show off their skills and compete to see who reigns supreme. It will be a day full of positive competition and a chance for the gtramp community to come together for the first time, ever. We will continue to grow the garden trampoline community with Greg Roe and remind athletes and recreational jumpers alike that safety is and should always a be a major concern.  Our partnership with Greg Roe has been nothing but positive from day one and we look forward to bringing you even more exciting news and events.  

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