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9 Mini Trampoline Exercises to Lose Weight

 It’s not a stretch to suggest that our modern-day world is often a sedentary lifestyle. Many spend their whole day in front of some kind of screen, whether sitting in a chair, reclining on a couch, or lounging in a bed. 

As comfy as that sounds, the unfortunate reality is that it can cause your body to weaken and deteriorate at a rapid pace. Without daily movement and exercise, your body can start losing necessities like muscle and bone density. 

Even so, let’s be honest. Not many actually like tearing their muscles over and over again, sweating buckets, and putting in a superhuman effort to be physically fit. Enter the beauty of mini trampolines.

What is Mini Trampoline Exercise?

Trampoline exercise, also known as rebounding, is an aerobic exercise designed to strengthen your muscles and bones, plus increase your endurance and flexibility. 

So, what is rebounding exercise? It’s a convenient way to engage your whole body in exercise to become stronger and faster, while also having a great time. It has a wide range of benefits and there are plenty of ways to incorporate it into your workouts. 

Note that there are different types of trampolines. For adults who want to use them for exercising, it is best to opt for mini trampolines. This is because they are closer ground, making them more stable and secure and reducing the risk of injury. Mini trampolines are strategically designed for aerobic exercise, with different models available to accommodate different height and weight ranges. 

Benefits of Mini Trampoline Exercise for Weight Loss

The benefits of rebounding are multifold. They include:

  • Improved mental health due to the release of hormones like dopamine, serotonin, and adrenaline. 
  • Better coordination, balance, and posture by strengthening muscles and bones, plus sharper reflexes to help maintain balance and coordination. 
  • Full-body workouts by engaging the abdominal core and back muscles for balance, along with legs and buttocks to overcome the effects of gravity. 
  • Improved blood, oxygen, and nutrient flow as it pushes the heart rate higher because of the adrenaline rush. 
  • Increased lymphatic flow and lymphatic drainage, which strengthens the immune system, flushes out toxins and helps maintain fluid levels. 
  • Faster weight loss from increased metabolism and detoxing.

Best Mini Trampoline Exercises

Sure, even just jumping on a trampoline has many health benefits. However, you can increase the benefits of jumping on a trampoline by performing certain exercises while rebounding. A few to try include:

  • Jump Squats—consider this one a leg day essential. Squats are both effective on the ground and off it. Jump squats build and strengthen the leg, hip, and glute muscles. Develop a steady bounce, placing your feet hip-width apart. Widen your stance every time you jump, lowering your body just below the knees. Hold this position and repeat. 

  • Jogging—this is a great one to help you adjust to the feel of a bouncy surface. It’s low-impact cardio that’s suitable for all levels and age groups. Keep your back aligned and feet hip wide to minimize strain and maximize benefits. Jog in place for as long as you can handle.

  • Speed Bounce—this exercise engages the thighs, buttocks, lower back, and legs, and it’s a great way to make your workout more intense. Start with a steady bounce and flex the hips, leaning forward slightly as you increase your bouncing speed. 

  • Twists—this move engages the full body including your core, legs, and upper body. Stand centered on your trampoline and begin a steady bounce. While you bounce, twist your legs to one side as you twist your upper body to the other, ensuring you keep your hips and core tight. Alternate repetitively. 

  • Jumping Jacks—these have long been excellent cardio exercise, both on solid ground and on mini trampolines. The bonus is that using a mini trampoline as a surface for jumping jacks allows your joints and bones to absorb less impact than on the ground, which allows you to go for longer periods of time. Start with a steady bounce and alternate between closed and open legs, simultaneously moving your arms away from the body and up above your head in a circular motion and then down again. 

  • Seated Bounce—best used as a warm-up, seated bounces make for an ideal mini trampoline exercise for beginners. It engages the upper body, core, and thighs at the same time. Start by sitting on the edge of the trampoline with your knees bent and your feet placed on the floor. Push yourself up and down in a bouncing motion using your thighs. 

  • Ab Rocks—as the name suggests, ab rocks are designed to engage the core muscles while sitting down. Place your feet firm on the ground and seat yourself on the edge of the mini trampoline. Lie back with your hands placed behind the back. Bring your knees in towards your midsection, while pushing your lower back and stomach into the trampoline. 

  • High Knee Punches—we dub this one ideal for experts or people with boxing experience. It is a more intense exercise than jogging alone and completely engages the arms and legs. Start by jogging in place, moving your knees up to chest-height (or as close as possible), while bringing your hands close to your chin. Punch using the arm opposite to the knee you’ve lifted. 

  • Planks—arguably one of the most intense whole body moves that engages nearly every major muscle group, it’s even more intense propped on your mini trampoline. Depending on your ability, hold yourself in a push-up position on your forearms or palms. You can also lift a single leg at a time to modify its intensity.  Hold this position for no less than 30 seconds. 

Trampoline training, a rebounding workout, trampolining-- whatever you want to call it, it's clear that there are numerous cardio workout options that can raise your heart rate and burn fat all with a simple fitness trampoline. The best mini trampoline exercises are those that challenge you without being too difficult. So, check out all the best options from SkyBound USA! We have a variety of mini trampolines for you to choose from to get the best work out in. Remember to warm up and cool down to maximize the benefits of your mini trampoline workouts and above all… have fun! 

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