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Does trampolining have health benefits?

A women exercising on a Trampoline

Sharing from 80-year-old Christopher and his 77-year-old wife Coralin.

Christopher is a retired podiatrist, and his wife is a retired nurse. Christopher says: "I came across rebounders when researching exercise to help oedema in the feet and legs. I then had the task of which one."

In the end, the SkyBound Boogie Bounce fulfilled my fitness needs and eliminated all the concerns I had before using a fitness trampoline. Initially, when searching for fitness tools on Amazon, I saw many fitness trampolines, but the reviews mentioned difficulties in installation, which was a concern for both me and my wife. The design of the SkyBound Boogie Bounce fitness trampoline is truly advanced – the trampoline only requires attaching the legs, and I could use it immediately. The assembly of the legs also doesn't require any wrenches or cumbersome tools.

Christopher continued, "I have fallen in love with the SkyBound Boogie Bounce. The fitness trampoline is the right choice – it not only helps with edema but is also very gentle on my knee joints. It doesn't cause harm to my knees like the hard floor would."

Christopher jumps on the skybound boogie bounce


Bouncing is a great full-body exercise.

Coralin said, "When we were younger, we didn't enjoy exercising. Both of us have had surgery for spinal stenosis and suffer from osteoarthritis. Now we realize the need for fitness, and fortunately, everything is still manageable. Many thanks to SkyBound.
Coralin jumps on the skybound boogie bounce




Benefits of trampoline exercise:

Promotes Blood Circulation:

Trampoline exercise is an aerobic activity that enhances cardiovascular function, boosts the immune system, increases resistance, and reduces the risk of illness. It also stimulates overall lymphatic circulation, aiding in detoxification.


Improves Joint Flexibility:

Trampoline exercise, with its zero-impact nature, causes no harm to various joints in the body. It contributes to enhancing joint flexibility.


Aids Fat Burning:

With its high intensity, trampoline exercise consumes a significant amount of energy, facilitating fat burning. It is an excellent exercise for weight loss.


Enhances Coordination and Balance:

Rebounding forces you to engage your core muscles and build strength in your lower body; both of which are critical to balance – especially as we get older.

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