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Spring-Free Trampolines

Trampolines have long been a favorite for both children and adults, offering a fun and energetic way to engage in physical activity. Trampolines have become a must-have for many families. Trampolines are not cheap, and a trampoline usually lasts 5-10 years. However, traditional spring trampolines will age and rust over time, posing many safety hazards. A neighbor's son was struck by an aging spring and penetrated deeply into his back. Some toes are caught by springs. With the development of science and technology, people have developed safer and more advanced "springless trampolines"


What is Spring-Free Trampolines?

The SkyBound team has designed a patented spring-free trampoline that eliminates the need for traditional metal springs in the design. It can be said that this is the safest and more advanced springless trampoline I have found so far. This is a trampoline well worth purchasing. Skybound's unique spring-free trampoline uses double-layer elastic ropes with rollers instead of traditional springs. Its service life is 4 times longer than that of spring trampolines, and it eliminates the shortcomings of low elasticity caused by the original spring-free trampolines made of glass-reinforced plastic rods.


How to choose a springless trampoline

1. Can Trampoline Accessories Be Detached

There are a variety of springless trampolines on the market. Some springless trampolines sew elastic ropes and jumping mats together, but this can easily cause the sewing interface of the jumping mat to tear. Traditional spring trampolines are very easy to disassemble, not only for better replacement of springs or jumping mats. The detachable link method can protect the jumping mat, extend its service life, and make installation easier. The same is true for elastic cord trampolines. You should choose a trampoline with elastic cords that are easy to remove. Detachable springless trampolines are more expensive and of better quality. They usually use more design details.

2. Bounce performance

The absence of metal springs contributes to a quieter bouncing experience. Spring-free trampolines, often using bungee cords or other elastic elements, produce less noise compared to their traditional counterparts. This makes them an ideal choice for those who want to enjoy the benefits of a trampoline without the disruptive sound.

3. Weighing limit

The maximum weight of a springless trampoline is usually less than the maximum weight of a spring trampoline. This is not because the elastic cord is of poor quality, but because the combination of the elastic cord and the jumping mat results in greater elasticity than a spring trampoline. If the weight is too heavy, it may cause the bouncer to contact the ground while jumping. Because of the risk of injury due to contact, springless trampolines are typically tested for a safe distance upon landing and are labeled with the safest and most comfortable user weight.


Best spring free trampoline


Skybound spring free trampoline uses double-layer bungee cord and bearings to link the jumping mat, which has a good bouncing experience and reduces the friction of the elastic ropes. The jumping mat is zippered to the fence, which not only makes installation easier, but also keeps it in good shape like new no matter how long it is used. There is a circle of reinforced fabric around the edge of the high-grade jumping mat to extend its service life. The maximum weight limit is 256lbs-330lbs for 10ft-14ft.

Skybound springfree trampoline


  • High elasticity, comfortable bouncing experience
  • Zipper design is easy to install and remove
  • There is no gap between the jumping mat and the net, eliminate the pinch points that trap toes and feet
  • Reinforced net with pvc, cushions jumpers and prevents falls tothe ground


  • Without wind stakes




  • Easy to fold, store and assemble
  • Good bouncing experience
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • No spring, more suitable for doing exercises on it


not discovered yet


Top3: Fiberglass springless trampoline

Fiberglass springless trampoline uses fiberglass struts instead of springs, because fiberglass has better willfulness and can be bent to replace the elasticity of the spring.


  • Trampolines come in many shapes
  • Seamless splicing of jumping mat and trampoline frame


  • Little elasticity
  • Poor bouncing experience
  • high price

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