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Becoming a SkyBound USA Affiliate

How to Become an Affiliate

SkyBound welcomes with open arms anyone interesting in becoming a partner of ours. One of the simplest, yet rewarding partnerships includes becoming a SkyBound affiliate. SkyBound affliates are able to leverage SkyBound's efforts in everything we do from product design to our community involvement in order to reap the benefits of our growth. Becoming an affiliate is a simple process with only a few clicks. Outlined below are several different methods. We highly recommend you read each one to decide on which method best fits your long term goals.


Methods to Become an Affiliate

Share-A-Sale is an online platform that easily connects online merchants with affiliate marketers. It is free for affiliates to join the program, though you must have and operate a website that identifies your business in order to create an account. Share-A-Sale will then connect to your website, track all orders and automatically deposit commissions to your bank account.

  1. Sign up or login to be a part of the program.
  2. Craft amazing, useful, relevant content.
  3. Link to from your website.
  4. Earn commissions from all qualified sales that came from your site.
  5. Sit back and enjoy.

Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon also provides a online platform for affiliates to market products, but instead of submitting requests to become an affiliate for thousands of smaller merchants, you will be partnering with the internet's largest, most trusted retailer. Products you can market will now number in the millions. Another incentive as an Amazon Affiliate is that you can earn advertising fees from qualifying purchases, not just the products you advertised.

  1. Sign up or login to be a part of the program.
  2. Craft amazing, useful, relevant content.
  3. Display, review, compare, etc... SkyBound products.
  4. Link to the product listings on from your website.
  5. Earn commissions from all qualified sales that came from your site.
  6. Sit back and enjoy.

Direct SkyBound Affiliate Program (UTM Codes)

Google UTM Codes are a string of characters in a URL link. This string of characters allows us to identify which website, social media platform, or email a customer came from, and how much that customer purchased. Because this method requires manual oversight, trust from both parties is essential, thus requiring a more complex affiliate approval process. This method is excellent for those marketers who would like to know which marketing channel is driving the most revenue.

  1. Craft amazing, useful, relevant content.
  2. Contact a member of our sales team.
  3. Business and tax documents will be required for approval.
  4. If approved, the sales member will provide UTM codes, how-to's and payment schedules.
  5. Sit back and enjoy.

Example UTM Code:

For us to be able to track revenue generated by an affiliate's efforts, simply add the UTM code to any link. This string of code is composed of three sections:
1. UTM Source: This is for SkyBound to be able to categorize different streams of revenue (do not edit)
2. UTM Medium: This helps SkyBound identify from who specifically the revenue is coming from (can be edited)
3. UTM Campaign: This helps the partner categorize which campaign is driving the most revenue (can be edited. We recommend using “youtube” for links used on, “instagram” for links used on Instagram, and so on).

At the end of each month, we can pull a report to see how much traffic/revenue was generated by the partner and from which channel.