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4 advantages of circular trampoline

1. Uniform force distribution: The circular trampoline has a more uniform force distribution because when a group of people jump on it, the circular design allows each person to receive a more even force distribution. This makes the circular trampoline more suitable for home use, especially when a family is jumping together.

2. Scope of application: The rectangular trampoline is more suitable for professional trampoline parks, professional trampoline surfaces, sports training teams, and other professional occasions because of its high professionalism, strong elasticity, and high load-bearing capacity. Round trampolines are more commonly used in households or small entertainment venues.

skybound Round trampoline
3. Safety: Circular trampolines have certain advantages in terms of safety. Due to its structural characteristics, the use of circular trampolines can reduce collisions caused by bouncing, thereby reducing the risk of injury.

4. Fun: The circular trampoline may be more entertaining. Due to its unique shape, the use of a circular trampoline allows for experimentation with various jumping techniques, increasing entertainment and challenge.

In general, circular trampolines and rectangular trampolines each have their own characteristics and suitable occasions, and should be selected according to actual needs.


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Skybound-SkyLift Curved Pole 14ft /12ft/10ft Trampoline

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