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The SkyBound Mini 4, our 3-foot trampoline, will help expand your child’s imagination and create an active source of inspiration!

Did you know that trampolines provide exceptional exercise, with 10 minutes of jumping being more effective than 30 minutes of running? Rest assured that your children are safe thanks to the Mini 4’s safety features and compliance with U.S. ASTM Safety Standards.

SUPERIOR SAFETY: We love a good time at SkyBound USA, but we don’t kid around when it comes to safety. The Mini 4, 3-foot trampoline includes a thick PVC safety pad, as well as a foam-covered, galvanized steel handlebar.

DEVELOPMENTAL GROWTH: When it comes to our trampolines for toddlers, it’s more than fun and games. Hopping around on a trampoline helps boost their motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and balance.

ANY ENVIRONMENT: While the big kids may get the larger trampoline, they probably can’t bring it inside for some indoor fun. With the Mini 4, you're getting a small trampoline you can set it up outside or bring indoors. And with its rubber-capped and water-resistant feet, which are easy to remove and clean, you don’t have to worry about it damaging or dirtying your floors.

Features of the Mini 4:

  • Recommended ages: 3–6
  • Weight limit: 100 lbs
  • Thick PVC foam pad and a foam-covered handlebar promotes fun and safe play
  • Rubber feet resist slippage and prevent scuffing of non-carpeted floors
  • Padded handlebar extends inward, centering the child and ensuring stability
  • Thick premium PVC pad offers additional protection from steel frame parts
  • Fun print designs to inspire creativity and imagination
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