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SkyBound Mini-4 Kids Trampoline

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2 products

Mini 4 Children's Trampoline

Kids and toddlers have one thing in common — an imagination with no bounds. The SkyBound Mini 4, our three-foot trampoline, gives their imagination a never-ending source of inspiration. And while they may be playing the role of a fearless superhero, you can rest assured that they’re safe thanks to the Mini 4’s safety features and compliance with U.S. ASTM Safety Standards.

The Scoop on the Best Mini Trampoline for Toddlers

Why is the SkyBound Mini 4 the best mini trampoline for toddlers? Find out below:

  • SUPERIOR SAFETY: We love a good time at SkyBound USA, but we don’t kid around when it comes to safety. The Mini 4, three-foot trampoline includes a thick PVC safety pad, as well as a foam-covered, galvanized steel handle bar.
  • DEVELOPMENTAL GROWTH: When it comes to our trampolines for toddlers, it’s more than fun and games. Hopping around on a trampoline helps boost their motor skills, hand-eye coordination and balance.
  • ANY ENVIRONMENT: While the big kids may get the larger trampoline, they probably can’t bring it inside for some indoor fun. With the Mini 4, you can set it up outside or bring it indoors. And with its rubber-capped and water-resistant feet, which are easy to remove and clean, you don’t have to worry about it damaging or dirtying your floors.
  • WARRANTY & PICKUP: What else makes the Mini 4 the best trampoline for toddlers? Well, it includes our leading warranty and is available for pickup at our Orange County, CA warehouse. Our helpful staff ships all other orders in one to two business days!

FAQs on Our Trampolines for Toddlers

Got some questions about our trampolines for toddlers with a sense of adventure? Great — we’ve got answers:

  • What is the weight limit? The limit is 100 pounds per user.
  • How long does assembly take? With two people, setup is less than one hour.
  • Is the safety pad removable? Yes, it’s removable! However, since the pad is there for protection, we encourage bouncers to only use the trampoline with the pad in place.

At SkyBound USA, we’re dedicated to delivering premium, safe and fun-filled trampolines. See what imaginative adventures your child can go on by ordering our Mini 4 three-foot trampoline today or contacting us for more information!