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Delivering Trampolines to the Youth of Honduras


“SkyBound USA is truly honored and committed to our new partnerships established with GRT Inc. and Seabound Trampoline International respectively, as well as our shared mission and goal of providing trampolines for training and community development in Honduras. Serving these children in their communities and providing them a safe outlet for fun and trampoline exercise makes us happy and validates our shared mission to serve others with grace.”

– Kiki Ji, SkyBound USA, Founder & CEO


SkyBound USA is proud to announce new partnerships with two Canadian entities- professional trampolinist Greg Roe (GRT Inc.) and children’s charity Seabound Trampoline International. Later this month, GRT Inc. and SkyBound will accompany Seabound Trampoline Intl to Honduras to distribute multiple Stratos and Olympic trampolines to youth programs across the country. We've donated trampolines in support of Seabounds mission to provide Honduran youth with a fun, positive outlet that teaches the value of trampoline training and exercise.

Seabound and GRT both share a similar philosophy when it comes to trampolining. They want to create an fun and safe jumping environment that centers around education. This was something SkyBound definitely stood behind. We donated 5 of our Stratos trampolines to the Honduras project. They will be used to implement these beliefs. Greg Roe will lead the training workshops and Seabound will work with Honduran community leaders to get the word out about this great opportunity. SkyBound as company truly believes in serving the community and working for the greater good. And what better way to do just that than to give these children access to a fun and educational opportunity.


Read the full press release here! Press Release 2016

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